Welcome to #ABLEtoSave Month 2024

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People with disabilities are ABLE to save.

Thank you for joining us for #ABLEtoSave Month! This month-long campaign provides people with disabilities and their families information about the significance of ABLE accounts and how these accounts can be used to address daily needs, help achieve long-term goals and dreams and increase their financial well-being.

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Join us for these special #ABLEtoSave webinars!


APRIL 16: #ABLEtoSave Opens the Door to Housing Opportunities

Discover how ABLE accounts can help with housing! Hear from our ABLE ambassadors, Edward and Emily, who will talk about their own experiences. This webinar is for people with disabilities, their families and supporters. You will learn how ABLE accounts can be used whether you live alone, with others, rent, own a home or want to buy a home.

APRIL 25: #ABLEtoSave for Lifelong Financial Wellness

This engaging event will highlight four ABLE ambassadors, each representing different life stages—preteen, transition, work, and retirement. They will share their strategic use of ABLE accounts to create a better economic future for themselves or their family members. It is never too early or too late to open an ABLE Account!

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Outreach Toolkit

You can download items in our Outreach Toolkit to help tell others about #ABLEtoSave Month. This includes logo files, a QR code and a fill-in-the-blank press release. VIEW TOOLKIT

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