Roadmap to Enrollment

Step by step, we help you navigate ABLE — from eligibility to opening an account — so you can start saving today.

Our “Roadmap to Enrollment” page is designed to help potential ABLE account owners and their families become comfortable with the idea of opening an ABLE account. Each step below will provide you with important information like who is eligible to open an account, how the funds can be used and how to decide which ABLE program is right for you. Click on “Step 1” to begin your journey to a better financial future!

Step 1: What Is ABLE?

Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts are protected savings accounts for qualified individuals with disabilities and are available nationwide.
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Step 2: Who Is Eligible?

An ABLE account owner must have had a significant disability onset prior to age 26. An account can be opened at any age.
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Step 3: How Can Funds Be Used?

Funds in ABLE accounts can be used for a wide array of qualified disability expenses such as education, transportation job training, housing and more.
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Step 4: How Do I Open An Account?

ABLE accounts are opened through the state ABLE program website. It takes about 10 minutes to open an account.
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Step 5: How Do I Manage My Account?

ABLE accounts are savings accounts that offer choices for investing. You can make changes to your investments twice a year.
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The ABLE National Resource Center is excited to release this video which explains key provisions related to the ABLE Act and ABLE account in ASL (American Sign Language).