Meet our Current ABLE NRC Ambassadors

Explore our ABLE ambassadors’ profiles to hear directly from ABLE account owners and family members about why they knew ABLE was right for them, their experience opening an ABLE account and how easy it was to get started saving. Please note: The ABLE NRC ambassadors share their ABLE stories through this platform and are not available for private comment.  

Larry Angeli head shot
Larry Angeli
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Farmington Hills, MI
ABLE Program: MiABLE Program

Larry Angeli is saving for his son’s future living arrangements so that he can be as independent as possible.

Beverli Austin
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Pittsburgh, PA
ABLE Program: Pennsylvania ABLE

Beverli is a new ABLE Ambassador for the ABLE National Resource Center, joining the team in March of 2023.

Regina Bradley head shot
Regina Bradley
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Buffalo, MO
ABLE Program: Missouri’s MO ABLE Program

Regina Bradley is saving so that both of her children will be able to live a comfortable life in their own homes someday.

Jennifer Casselman Headshot
Jennifer Casselman
Jennifer is the parent of an ABLE account owner with Down syndrome.

Carson City, NV
ABLE Program: ABLE Nevada

Jennifer opened an ABLE account to help her elementary school-age daughter, Kenley, who has Down syndrome, save for an independent future without jeopardizing her benefits. Jennifer has spoken before Nevada’s legislature in support of ABLE as a tool to help loved ones today and plan for tomorrow.

Davinna Christian head shot
Davinna Christian
Parent of son who has quadriplegia and Sickle-Cell disease

Detroit, MI
ABLE Program: Michigan

Advocate for children and adults with sickle-cell disease. Son receives Social Security Disability Benefits. ABLE funds are being saved for a communications device, durable medical equipment and an accessible vehicle.

Lauren Hughes head shot
Lauren Hughes
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Caldwell, ID
ABLE Program: Oregon's ABLE for ALL Program

Lauren Hughes is saving for an accessible van for her son.

Denise Gehringer head shot
Denise Gehringer
Parent of an adult son with Down syndrome

Papillion, NE
ABLE Program: Nebraska

Assistant Director of Sheltering Tree L'Arche Omaha and member of the National Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition. Worked on ENABLE program development and her son was the first ENABLE account owner in Nebraska. ABLE funds are for son's dream of living in his own house with a backyard.

Miles Lessen head shot
Miles Lessen
Parent of preschooler with a rare autoimmune disease and Type 1 Diabetes

Albuquerque, NM
ABLE Program: New Mexico

Provides emergency psychiatry in the local VA Hospital Emergency Department and outpatient psychiatry in a VA outpatient clinic. ABLE funds are an investment account for son’s medical, educational and investment needs.

Teresa Price Headshot
Teresa Price
Teresa is the parent of an ABLE account owner with schizoaffective disorder.

ABLE Program: ABLE Tennessee

Teresa Price is a self-employed engineer serving on the Board of Directors of National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Maine. She teaches Family to Family (F2F) classes for family members of people living with mental illness and she recently became a trainer for other F2F teachers. This work has been a driving passion for Teresa ever since her oldest son Logan, who is 27 years old, experienced his first psychotic break in 2010.

Amy Tessler head shot
Amy Tessler
Parent of son with autism

Oakland, CA
ABLE Program: Ohio (Plans to transfer to CalABLE)

Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Dale Law Firm. Son, Scott, has an internship at the Double Tree Hotel in Pleasanton, CA. through Project Search. ABLE funds are being used pay for Scott’s full share of “in kind support and maintenance” expenses in order to maximize SSI payout. Son also has a SNT.

Cheryl Walfall Flagg head shot
Cheryl Walfall-Flagg
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Raleigh, NC
ABLE Program: North Carolina's NC ABLE Program

Cheryl Walfall-Flagg is saving for when she and her husband are no longer around. She is saving for her son's independence and ability to live and enjoy life to the fullest as an adult.

Michael Zybura
Michael Zybura
Michael is the parent of an ABLE account owner with Autism.

Clinton Township, MI
ABLE Program: MiABLE

Michael opened an ABLE account for his school-age son, Colin, so that he could maximize his independence and secure his financial future. Michael advocates for inclusion in his son’s school system, mentors other parents and advocates to employers on the benefits of ABLE.