Understanding ABLE Program Disclosure Documents

February 22, 2018

With over 30 ABLE programs to choose from, it is important to fully understand the various characteristics of each program in order to be able to decide which program best meets your particular needs. Each ABLE program is required to provide an ABLE Program Disclosure document that describes its ABLE program in great detail.  This document provides a comprehensive description of the given program and will include important information such as fees associated with that program, investment options, inclusion of debit card option, possible state tax benefits, and other details that a potential ABLE account owner will want to be familiar with and understand.

The purpose of this webinar is to help ABLE-related stakeholders become familiar and comfortable with ABLE Program Disclosure documents.  During the webinar we specifically focus on answering the following questions:

  • What is a disclosure document and why are they important?
  • Where can I find a State’s ABLE Program Disclosure document?
  • What type of information should I be looking for when reading an ABLE Program Disclosure document?
  • How might one ABLE Program Disclosure document be different from another, and why?

Presenter Chris Rodriguez, Former Director, ABLE National Resource Center, is joined by a group of expert panelists comprised of national disability-related policy experts, ABLE industry leaders, ABLE account owners, and government-related regulators.

Expert panelists include:

  • Michael Morris, Executive Director, National Disability Institute
  • Saliha Olgun, Assistant General Counsel, Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB)
  • Juliana Crist, Director, Ohio STABLE Accounts
  • Daniel Elkus, ABLE Account Owner

Webinar Material:

Presentation Slides