November 29 – ABLEnow and ABLEAmerica Spotlight

Nov 29, 2022 | 2:00 PM ET

The November ABLE Program Spotlight featured two national programs – ABLEnow and ABLEAmerica. Both the direct-sold ABLEnow program and the advisor-sold ABLEAmerica program are sponsored by the Commonwealth of Virginia and open to eligible individuals in all 50 states.

This presentation covers:

  • ABLE account basics
  • Overview of the direct-sold ABLEnow program
  • Overview of the advisor-sold ABLEAmerica program
  • Program comparison
  • Q&A

Speaker: Brittany Bullock, Senior Marketing Associate, ABLEnow

ABLE Program Spotlight webinars are intended for those who have a basic understanding of ABLE. These webinars feature ABLE programs that are open nationally, covering the specific features of the program’s ABLE account along with general guidance and best practices.

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