MARCH 12: CalABLE Spotlight Webinar

March 12, 2020 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. ET

Throughout 2020, the ABLE National Resource Center (ABLE NRC) will be conducting “ABLE Program Spotlight” webinars. These webinars are intended for those who already have a basic understanding of ABLE. State ABLE programs that are a part of multi-state collaborations, as well as individual state programs, will provide program-specific details, general guidance and best practices. Each program spotlight will also cover the range of investment options offered, an often-confusing aspect for individuals who want to make the most of their ABLE account but are new to the concepts of investing and saving.

In March, we showcased California’s Qualified ABLE Program, CalABLE. California is one of the nation’s most populous and diverse states. It is also home to one of the country’s newest and fastest-growing ABLE programs. CalABLE offers high-quality, low-cost ABLE savings and investment plans which are available to eligible individuals nationwide. There are many factors to consider when choosing which ABLE program is right for you. During this webinar, we discussed the following objectives:

  • What makes California’s ABLE program unique to other ABLE states
  • Improvements that California lawmakers have made to enhance the federal ABLE Act for California residents (Limiting MediCAL recovery and exempting CalABLE from monetary judgments)
  • Investment options and how they can work for you
  • AchieveABLE Corner, a unique tool designed to help you make the most of your CalABLE Account
  • Questions and answers


  • Miranda Kennedy, Director, ABLE NRC


  • Dante Allen, Executive Director, California ABLE Act Board
  • Katie Metz, Manager, Financial Empowerment and Inclusion, National Disability Institute

Webinar Materials:

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