The ABLE Youth Transition Toolkit

Parents, Family Members, And Caregivers

Parents and Caregivers can find answers to frequently asked questions and the ABLE Decision Guides:

    • Who can open an ABLE account in the person’s name who has the disability?
    • Can a person who has a representative payee open an ABLE account?
    • How can an ABLE account help someone who receives means-tested benefits?
    • How can I help my student or young adult gain financial knowledge, set goals, establish a circle of support and assist him/her with managing the account?
    • What happens to the ABLE account when my student or young adult turns age 18/age of majority?
    • What skills are needed to manage an ABLE account?
    • Can a successor beneficiary be named if the ABLE account owner passes away?
    • If my student or young adult has transition-related expenses such as assistive technology, educational expenses, transportation expenses or everyday living expenses, how can an ABLE account help?
    • Does a QDE have to be disability-related?
    • How can a family member use ABLE funds for transportation or housing needs?
  • How will working affect my student’s or young adult’s benefits? Meet ABLE account owners who chose to work: Working ABLE Account Owners
  • What are some things to consider when my student or young adult decides to work? Learn more about customized employment, discovery, building financial independence through employment and education plus an ABLE account and how ABLE accounts and SSA work incentives can help: Finding the Right Job
  • What is countable Income?
  • What is considered income for a transition age youth?

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