Strategies for Funding an ABLE Account

February 28, 2019

As the ABLE National Resource Center (ABLE NRC) continues to provide consistent, reliable information concerning the benefits of having an ABLE account, this webinar reviews basic rules for funding an ABLE account and cover strategies that could be used to ensure that contributions are easy to make, occur automatically when possible and are available to the ABLE account owner. It also provides some “tax time” information related to ABLE accounts to enhance your ABLE contributions.

The webinar covers the following information:

  • The basic rules on contributions to ABLE accounts
    • If any “person” can contribute – Who qualifies as a “person”?
    • Annual contribution limits
    • Rollovers into ABLE accounts from other ABLE accounts
    • Rollovers into ABLE accounts from 529 college savings accounts
  • Identifying money to put in an ABLE account; Methods for making contributions
    • Contributions by the designated beneficiary
    • Contributions by parents, other third parties
    • Contributions from a trust
  • Real-life examples of contributions to ABLE accounts from our ABLE Advisors and ABLE NRC Ambassadors

This webinar was moderated by Miranda Kennedy, Director, ABLE NRC.

Panelists included:

  • Marlene Ulisky, Disability Benefits Expert, ANRC
  • Members of our 2018 ABLE Advisor Team and 2019 ABLE NRC Ambassadors

Webinar Materials:

Presentation Slides – CORRECTION TO SLIDE 23 OF THE WEBINAR ARCHIVE: The amount equal to the federal poverty level for Alaska is $15,180, and Hawaii is $13,960.
ABLE Case Summary – Range of Strategies for Funding ABLE -FINAL
Top 10 Questions and Answers from the Webinar