Social Security’s Updated ABLE Guidance – A Deeper Dive

April 26, 2018

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently published their updated guidance on the ABLE Act and ABLE Accounts. This guidance, formally known as their Program Operations Manuals System (POMS), provides in-depth information on how SSA staff, on the local and regional levels, should be interpreting and treating funds in an ABLE account for those individuals who are receiving Social Security Disability benefits, specifically beneficiaries of Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The purpose of this webinar is to assist individuals with disabilities and their families, providers, ABLE programs and all other ABLE-related stakeholders in better understanding this newly updated guidance. During the webinar, we provide information and explanation on each of the 7 sections that make up the SSA guidance:

  1. What is an ABLE Account?
  2. Definition of ABLE terms
  3. When to exclude ABLE account contributions, balances, earnings and distributions
  4. When to count ABLE account balances and distributions
  5. How to verify, document and record ABLE account balances
  6. How to verify, document and record ABLE account distributions
  7. Handling and recording ABLE prepaid debit card information

This webinar is moderated by Chris Rodriguez, Former Director of the ABLE National Resource Center. The webinar features a guest panel, including:

  • Marlene Ulisky, Social Security Benefits Expert, National Disability Institute
  • James R. Sheldon, Jr, Supervising Attorney, National Assistive Technology Advocacy Project
  • Rob Percival,  Sr. Vice President, Strategic Products, Ascensus College Savings
  • ABLE Account Owner

Webinar Material:

Presentation Slides