S2, E03: Perspective on ABLE from a Family Member and ABLE Subject Matter Expert

Marlene Ulisky is a Manager of Financial Empowerment at National Disability Institute, which manages the ABLE National Resource Center.

Marlene Ulisky began her 35-year career with the Social Security Administration (SSA) serving in various roles including the Director of the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After relocating to SSA in Florida, she established relationships with partners across the state educating them on the disability programs administered by SSA and increasing the level of support and successful outcomes of individuals with disabilities served by multiple systems. After leaving SSA, she worked with the Florida Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to establish the Partnership Plus Program under the Ticket to Work Program and then was re-hired by SSA to conduct training and assist them with managing critical integrity workloads including Office of Inspector General investigations. In her work with National Disability Institute and the ABLE National Resource Center, she provides guidance on complex SSA issues and develops and assists in the implementation of solutions to further the financial independence of individuals and families living with disability. In particular, her pioneering work at the intersection of ABLE accounts and means-tested benefits, and subsequent development of best practices for SSA recipients with the ABLE NRC team, has increased the understanding and opportunity within the field about this ground-breaking area of policy implementation.


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