S2, E02: Perspective on ABLE from an ABLE Account Owner and Disability Advocate

Hector Ramirez is a 2021 BIPOC Outreach Ambassador for the ABLE National Resource Center.

Hector Ramirez is a disability rights advocate (pronouns he/they/them) and a Latino Chiricahua Apache, Two Spirits who is also a member of the LGBTQ community. As an individual with Autism and Bipolar Disorder, Hector is ABLE-eligible and has been saving funds in their ABLE account to maintain a safety net while working to become self-sufficient. Hector used their ABLE funds to save for a home, something they were able to achieve due to having an ABLE account through CalABLE. Hector serves on the board of directors for Disability Rights California and with the National Disability Rights Network in Washington, D.C.


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