Becoming ABLE Ready: Choosing the Right Program for You

May 26, 2016

The ABLE National Resource Center (ABLE NRC) invites potential ABLE participants, their families, and all other ABLE stakeholders, to attend a free webinar focused on helping you understand how to determine which ABLE program might be best for you and how to best prepare to open your ABLE account. In addition to our presenter and moderator, Michael Morris, the webinar features the perspectives of a diverse group of guest panelists comprised of both potential ABLE beneficiaries and family members.

The webinar focuses on the following:

  • Identifying ABLE characteristics that should be consistent across all programs
  • Identifying ABLE characteristics that may be different from one program to another
  • Identifying how those differences may affect which program best meets your specific needs
  • Identifying how to best prepare to open an ABLE account

Webinar Material:

Presentation Slides