ASL Vlog: Insights on ABLE from a Deaf ABLE Account Owner

Insights on ABLE from a Deaf ABLE Account Owner

Eric Cardenas is an ABLE National Resource Center Ambassador. He is also an advocate for Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf, Texas Association of the Deaf, and an ASL teacher at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Eric is a first Mexican-American generation and Deaf LGBT person. His parents were legal immigrants to the United States from Mexico. He is also the first member of his family to graduate from college and earned a master’s degree in Sign Language Education at Gallaudet University. Eric is currently in a doctoral program. He opened his ABLE account to save money for potential future disability-related expenses and hopes to use the funds from his ABLE account to possibly purchase and adapt a house.


Please note: An airline ticket may or may not be a qualified disability expense from an ABLE account for everyone who has a disability. A  qualified disability expense is an expense that is related to the account owner’s blindness or disability and unique circumstances and improve his or her health, independence, or qualify of life. To learn more about qualified disability expenses, review our Frequently Asked Questions  or refer to the Treasury/IRS Guidance on ABLE (Final Regulations).