MARCH 18 – ABLE United Spotlight

Florida’s qualified ABLE program, ABLE United, is going back to basics with a roundtable discussion on financial education that will cover topics like saving and investing, as well as opportunities for the disability community to plan for the future with third-party special needs trusts and ABLE accounts.

Attendees will also learn:

  • How ABLE accounts can be used to pay for qualified disability expenses
  • How individuals with disabilities can save with the help of friends, family and organizations
  • How individuals can become investors with ABLE United through one of their eight investment options
  • How to enroll in an account

Presenters include:

  • Rachel Fackender, Moderator
  • John Finch, Director of ABLE United
  • Scott Mattson, CPA, Assurance Dimensions (and an ABLE United account administrator for his son)
  • W. Keith Seago, Jr., CFP | Financial Consultant, Comerica Securities, Inc. (and an ABLE United account administrator for his daughter)