ABLE Success in the Real World: Meet Three ABLE Account Owners and Hear Their ABLE Stories

September 27, 2018

The purpose of this webinar is to provide a space to hear three very diverse stories, experiences and lessons learned about ABLE Accounts and their use directly from ABLE Account owners.

For ABLE eligible individuals and/or their family members who still hesitate to set up an ABLE account we offer this opportunity to hear from three of our ABLE Advisors – two individual ABLE Account owners and a parent of an ABLE account owner – on why they chose to set up an ABLE account and specific examples of how ABLE is helping them to “achieve a better life experience”.

For existing ABLE account owners and/or their family members who want to hear concrete real-world strategies and lessons from other ABLE account owners, this is your opportunity to hear from those who are on the front line, pioneering and problem-solving how best to incorporate ABLE into their lives to “achieve a better life experience.”

Topics include:

  • ABLE Account Stories and Testimonials
  • Strategies for using ABLE Accounts to increase the quality of life and financial independence:
    • For an individual living with a mental health disability
    • For an individual living with a developmental disability, and
    • For an individual living with a spinal cord injury
  • Rolling 529 College Savings Accounts over into ABLE Accounts
  • How ABLE accounts can be used to support Part-time or Full-time Employment Goals

Webinar Material:

Presentation Slides