Meet our BIPOC Outreach ABLE NRC Ambassadors

ABLE NRC’s BIPOC Ambassadors embody the diversity of this country, representing cross-segments by type of disability, race and ethnicity, age, gender, sex, geographic location and having a wide-range of ABLE goals. They are ABLE account owners and family members who are actively working to increase engagement and buy-in around ABLE accounts in their communities. BIPOC Ambassadors recognize that this is especially important given the higher rates of poverty at the intersection of disability and race.

The ABLE NRC BIPOC Ambassadors share a common goal to ensure that others in the BIPOC community benefit from ABLE accounts, as they have benefited. This includes achieving milestones such as home-ownership, accessible vehicle, assistive technology and accommodation purchases,  creation of emergency expense funds, along with long-term planning for retirement and other needed services and expenditures not covered by other programs or providers.

Check out what the BIPOC Ambassadors have to say about their experience with ABLE accounts below.

Additionally, check out the ABLE BIPOC Outreach Toolkit that Ambassadors helped develop and promote in partnership with ABLE NRC leadership.

View BIPOC Outreach Toolkit

Beverli Austin
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Pittsburgh, PA
ABLE Program: Pennsylvania ABLE

Beverli is a new ABLE Ambassador for the ABLE National Resource Center, joining the team in March of 2023.

Davinna Christian head shot
Davinna Christian
Parent of son who has quadriplegia and Sickle-Cell disease

Detroit, MI
ABLE Program: Michigan

Advocate for children and adults with sickle-cell disease. Son receives Social Security Disability Benefits. ABLE funds are being saved for a communications device, durable medical equipment and an accessible vehicle.

Cheryl Walfall Flagg head shot
Cheryl Walfall-Flagg
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Raleigh, NC
ABLE Program: North Carolina's NC ABLE Program

Cheryl Walfall-Flagg is saving for when she and her husband are no longer around. She is saving for her son's independence and ability to live and enjoy life to the fullest as an adult.