Meet our 2018 ABLE NRC Ambassadors

Katy Oliver

ABLE Account Owner
Austin, TX
ABLE Program: Ohio STABLE Account Program

Katy Oliver is saving for disability-related equipment that will help her with her mobility and enable her to be more independent.

Katy Oliver with husband and two cats

Katy was overwhelmed with joy and relief when she first learned that the ABLE Act had passed in December 2014. She knew she would now have a way to save for her future, on her own terms, along with the freedom to make purchases to improve her independence and quality of life that might otherwise be deemed outside of what is medically necessary. Katy opened her Ohio ABLE account in 2016 and is currently saving for a down payment on a house in her native state of Texas. Growing up with cerebral palsy, she was the first person to receive services under the Class Medicaid Waiver Program in her home county of Comal, and she still receives those services today. Katy learned at an early age that, while there are a variety of programs to help individuals with disabilities, information is poorly disseminated and often misinterpreted. She wants to convey the message to policymakers that ABLE is making a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities. Katy welcomes the opportunity, as an ABLE Advisor, to use her voice to advocate for individuals like herself, whose ability to receive crucial services is often decided by policies they aren’t involved in crafting.

Katy Oliver’s Highlight from the July 2018 AchievABLE Newsletter

Katy Oliver, who is 28 and works full time for a company that does clinical trials for drug companies, is also on the Medicaid Buy-In Program. She registered for her ABLE account through Ohio’s ABLE program, the first ABLE program in the United States, in June 2016.

Katy and her husband, Brandon, live in Texas. Although Texas launched their ABLE program this year, Katy plans on keeping her Ohio ABLE account because their debit card option makes it easier for her to access her ABLE funds. A savvy account owner, Katy uses the comparison tool and webinar trainings on the ABLE NRC website to guide her in making these kinds of decisions.

Katy’s short-term goal is to use her ABLE funds to purchase a customized cover for her power-assist wheelchair, which isn’t covered by insurance, but will prevent damage during travel. Her long-term goal is to design and build her dream HGTV quality, wheelchair accessible home.

In addition to her ABLE account, Katy has a Special Needs Trust which her husband oversees as her rep payee. Her grandparents are including Katy in their estate planning and a bulk inheritance will likely exceed her ABLE annual limit. ABLE NRC resources will assist Katy as she continues to explore the intersections between her ABLE funds, Special Needs Trust and Medicaid Buy-In.

As an ABLE Advisor, Katy wants other ABLE-eligible individuals and their families to know that, “The process of getting an ABLE account is pretty painless. It seems counterintuitive to everything we have been told. I’m a living, breathing example that this does not count against you. I’m getting the same services as before. It doesn’t count against you and, unlike a trust, it isn’t expensive.”

The ABLE National Resource Center is proud to have Katy as one of our 2018 ABLE Advisors.