Meet our 2020 ABLE NRC Ambassadors

After a nationwide search, during which we were privileged to hear so many powerful and compelling ABLE stories from many ABLE account owners and their family members, we are proud to introduce our 2020 ABLE National Resource Center (ABLE NRC) Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors represent a diverse selection of ABLE programs, types of disabilities, geographic locations, ages, gender, race and ethnicity, along with a wide range of ABLE goals.

The role of our ABLE NRC Ambassadors is to act as national spokespersons, providing a human face to ABLE. During 2020, our Ambassadors will share their knowledge and success using their ABLE accounts with millions of other ABLE-eligible individuals. Our Ambassadors will be using their own lived experiences and personal stories to motivate others to take advantage of the transformative benefits of being an ABLE account owner.

Read the stories of our ABLE NRC Ambassador Alumni

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Teresa Price Headshot
Teresa Price
Teresa is the parent of an ABLE account owner with schizoaffective disorder.

ABLE Program: ABLE Tennessee

Teresa Price is a self-employed engineer serving on the Board of Directors of National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Maine. She teaches Family to Family (F2F) classes for family members of people living with mental illness and she recently became a trainer for other F2F teachers. This work has been a driving passion for Teresa ever since her oldest son Logan, who is 27 years old, experienced his first psychotic break in 2010.

Pshon Barrett
Pshon is a former Assistant U.S. District Attorney with the Department of Justice and is blind.

Jackson, MS

Pshon understands the expenses related with disability and has handled cases under the Americans with Disabilities Act as an attorney. Pshon is a member of the Boards of Directors for multiple state and national organizations. She uses ABLE to save for disability-related expenses, including adaptive technology.

Leah Campbell
Leah Campbell
Leah is a self-advocate who began losing her vision at the age of 10 and became paralyzed at the age of 22.

Mustang, OK
ABLE Program: Oklahoma STABLE

Leah works to improve the quality of life for people living with physical limitations as an Advisor at Full Circle Home Technologies. Hearing the word “no” motivates Leah, who uses an ABLE account to gain independence and save for her next accessible vehicle.

Jennifer Casselman Headshot
Jennifer Casselman
Jennifer is the parent of an ABLE account owner with Down syndrome.

Carson City, NV
ABLE Program: ABLE Nevada

Jennifer opened an ABLE account to help her elementary school-age daughter, Kenley, who has Down syndrome, save for an independent future without jeopardizing her benefits. Jennifer has spoken before Nevada’s legislature in support of ABLE as a tool to help loved ones today and plan for tomorrow.

Timothy Elliot Headshot
Timothy Elliot
Timothy is an advocate and a disabled veteran.

Brooklyn, NY

Timothy is a disabled veteran who mentors individuals with disabilities and teaches them how to advocate for themselves. As a part of his advocacy, Timothy has been spreading the word about ABLE accounts, especially to people who cannot afford to set up a trust fund.

Jessica Sahlman
Jessica is a young, working-age adult and self-advocate who has Down syndrome.

Weatogue, CT
ABLE Program: Ohio STABLE

Jessica is a self-advocate with Down syndrome. She is a Special Olympics basketball athlete who enjoys participating in local theater productions. Jessica is working and saving to become financially independent and has a goal of using her ABLE account to save for a driverless car.

Michael Zybura
Michael Zybura
Michael is the parent of an ABLE account owner with Autism.

Clinton Township, MI
ABLE Program: MiABLE

Michael opened an ABLE account for his school-age son, Colin, so that he could maximize his independence and secure his financial future. Michael advocates for inclusion in his son’s school system, mentors other parents and advocates to employers on the benefits of ABLE.