Meet our 2018 ABLE NRC Ambassadors

Meet our 2018 ABLE Advisor Alumni (now known as ABLE NRC Ambassadors).

These individuals were part of the inaugural group of ABLE Advisors. As ABLE Advisor Alumni, they continue to act as national spokespersons, providing a human face to ABLE. Our ABLE Advisor Alumni share their knowledge and success using their ABLE accounts with millions of other ABLE-eligible individuals. Our Advisor Alumni also use their own lived experiences and personal stories to motivate others to take advantage of the transformative benefits of being an ABLE account owner.

Our ABLE Advisor Alumni consist of both working-age adults with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities. They have a diverse range of motivations for opening an ABLE account, short- and long-term financial goals for how funds in their accounts will be used and how they hope their accounts will help them increase their health, independence and quality of life.

Larry Angeli head shot
Larry Angeli
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Farmington Hills, MI
ABLE Program: MiABLE Program

Larry Angeli is saving for his son’s future living arrangements so that he can be as independent as possible.

Regina Bradley head shot
Regina Bradley
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Buffalo, MO
ABLE Program: Missouri’s MO ABLE Program

Regina Bradley is saving so that both of her children will be able to live a comfortable life in their own homes someday.

Lauren Hughes head shot
Lauren Hughes
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Caldwell, ID
ABLE Program: Oregon's ABLE for ALL Program

Lauren Hughes is saving for an accessible van for her son.

Cheryl Walfall Flagg head shot
Cheryl Walfall-Flagg
Parent of ABLE Account Owner

Raleigh, NC
ABLE Program: North Carolina's NC ABLE Program

Cheryl Walfall-Flagg is saving for when she and her husband are no longer around. She is saving for her son's independence and ability to live and enjoy life to the fullest as an adult.