Status: Signed into law - program in development
Program Name: N/A
Program Manager: N/A
Program Investment Institution: N/A
Program Website:

Total Annual Contribution Limit: $15,000
Account Limit:
State Tax Deduction: Any amount deposited in an ABLE account.
Additional Information: ABLE was added to the Executive Budget Act of 2015 (SB 21) on 7/12/15.

IMPORTANT NOTE: AB 731 was introduced on 1/15/16.  This legislation repeals the Wisconsin ABLE Law but applies a state income tax deduction to ABLE accounts opened in other states. AB 731 passed Assembly on 2/16/16 and the Senate concurred on 3/16/16. It was signed into law on 3/30/16.

ABLE Legislation: SB 21 (Sec. 316e)AB 731

SB 21 Legislative Summary

AB 731 Legislative Summary

Wisconsin ABLE Info Provided by Rep. Macco