Status: Not active
Program Name: N/A
Program Manager: N/A
Program Investment Institution: N/A
Program Website:

Total Annual Contribution Limit: $15,000
Account Limit: $235,000

Additional Information: SB 2607 passed the Senate and was transmitted to the House on 3/3/16. HB 1019 died in committee on 2/23/16.

ABLE Legislation: HB 1019SB 2607

HB 1019 Legislative Summary

SB 2607 Legislative Summary

If your state has not yet passed ABLE legislation allowing for the development of an ABLE program, we encourage you to contact your state legislator to inform them about the program’s benefits. It is important that your state legislator understands that passing ABLE legislation allows individuals with disabilities in their state to save for their future, a near impossible task prior to this law. For more information on how to find and contact your state legislator, please click on the link below.

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