#ABLEtoSave Public Awareness Campaign Toolkit



After months of planning and collaboration, we are ready to begin the #ABLEtoSave ABLE awareness campaign on Monday July 31! The campaign will provide information and other resources about ABLE accounts every day for the entire month of August, ending on Friday September 1.  We are grateful that you have all agreed to participate in getting out the message about the benefits of ABLE accounts for people with disabilities an their families. Together, we can increase awareness of ABLE accounts across the nation and (hopefully) accelerate the opening of accounts across all ABLE programs.

 We have updated the ANRC website to include webpages specifically relating to the #ABLEtoSave campaign. You can view the “Roadmap to Enrollment” by clicking HERE.  We have prepared a toolkit for you all to use with materials relating to the campaign. All of these materials are located on this page and include the following:

  1. One-pager description of the campaign - Download as Word or PDF
  2. Logo for #ABLEtoSave campaign - Download as ZIP (Includes eps, jpg, and png)
  3. “Swiss cheese”/fill-in-the-blank type press release - Download as Word or PDF
  4. More detailed press release by National Disability Institute - Download as Word or PDF
  5. Brief blurb about campaign for newsletters - Download as Word or PDF
  6. List of the upcoming webinars as part of the #ABLEtoSave webinar series - Download as Word or PDF
  7. Sample social media posts - Download as Word or PDF

 We encourage you to distribute these materials through your networks, as well as any additional materials that you have to promote your own programs. Please keep in contact with us throughout the month. In particular, please do the following:

  1. Always use the hashtag #ABLEtoSave
  2. Like and share our posts and tag @theABLENRC wherever possible
  3. Send us news articles referencing the #ABLEtoSave campaign that appear in your local media
  4. Let us know about feedback you receive on the campaign

On behalf of my colleagues at the ABLE National Resource Center, I would like to thank you in advance for participating so enthusiastically in the campaign. Let’s use our collective voices to elevate awareness of ABLE accounts!