ABLE Related Legislation Now Law in Kentucky

April 5, 2016

On April 5, 2016, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed into law SB 179. This ABLE related state legislation will go into effect July 15th, 2016.  It is important to note that the legislation does not create a state program, but does allow Kentuckians to establish accounts without jeopardizing means test benefits or Medicaid. The legislation also directs the State Treasurer to work with several other government and advocacy stakeholders to determine the best plan of action related to ABLE accounts for Kentuckians.

The members of the ABLE National Resource Center have long championed the ABLE Act as a critical strategy to providing a pathway to a better economic future for all people with disabilities. As the nation’s only disability related collaborative solely dedicated to assisting in the development of ABLE programs, the Center applauds the Kentucky Legislature and Governor Matt Bevin for their support of the ABLE Act. We look forward to working with other states on crafting and passing similar legislation.