Ohio Enhances State ABLE Website in Prep for Program Launch

April 11, 2016

In anticipation for the launch of their ABLE program, the Ohio State ABLE program (Ohio STABLE), has recently added valuable information to their ABLE website. The newly enhanced Ohio STABLE website covers four main areas of information: basic STABLE account info and overview, account benefits, account eligibility, and qualified expenses. On the basic overview home page, the site provides links and summaries to the other three sections.

Under account benefits, the website details some of the benefits associated with having an Ohio STABLE account such as how having an account may interact with the beneficiary’s eligibility for Medicaid and SSI benefits, as well as explaining what a “STABLE card” is.  Another interesting component of the enhanced site is the account eligibility section. This section lists out the requirements for being eligible to open an account as well as provides an online eligibility quiz.  Lastly, the qualified expenses page provides further information on how funds located in the STABLE account can be spent.

We encourage you to check out the new site and take into consideration the information provided in our “Becoming ABLE Ready” video.