Get Empowered During National Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month Tools

April is National Financial Literacy Month. Nonprofits, government agencies and businesses nationwide celebrate the month by urging all Americans to increase their knowledge of personal finances. The ABLE National Resource Center (ABLE NRC) recognizes Financial Literacy Month as an opportunity to emphasize tools and resources that can help people with disabilities achieve financial stability and wellness.

New! ABLE Decision Guide 7: Managing Your ABLE Account

The ABLE National Resource Center’s ABLE Decision Guide Series was designed to increase ABLE account owners’ and their families’ understanding of ABLE accounts and to assist in making ABLE decisions. This interactive series of step-by-step guides on specific ABLE topics allows for a variety of pathways and outcomes depending on the ABLE account owner’s circumstances and needs.

Check out the newest – and seventh – ABLE Decision Guide: Managing Your ABLE Account. This guide covers the following activities: (1) Building Financial Knowledge and Setting Financial Goals; (2) Learning about Supported Decision Making and a Circle of Support; (3) Identifying the Skills Needed to Manage an ABLE Account; (4) Understanding Contributions and Withdrawals; and (5) Saving, Investing and Monitoring the ABLE account.

Check out the first six (6) ABLE Decision Guides covering the following topics:

  • Determining ABLE Eligibility
  • Finding Funds to Save in Your ABLE account
  • Determining Whether Something Is a Qualified Disability Expense
  • Understanding ABLE Account Savings and Public Benefits
  • ABLE Accounts for Working People with Disabilities
  • Selecting and Opening an ABLE Account

Watch this short video to learn more: Using the ABLE NRC Decision Guides

Financial Services:

Learn about NDI’s Financial Resilience Center (FRC), an online resource center for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions, their families and communities. The FRC offers trusted answers to frequently asked questions in a variety of areas including money management. Explore what the FRC offers here: Join NDI’s Financial Resilience Center mailing list to get updates on new financial resilience materials and resources. Sign up for the FRC listserv.

Veterans Benefits Administration Financial Literacy Information and Resources provides resources to help a veteran and their family manage finances.

Virtual Financial Counseling and/or Coaching is available through the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE®). These financial professionals are available nationwide and are informed about disability-related concerns around money management and financial wellness. Sessions are free of cost.

Financial Games:

Financial Tools:

Webinar Archives and Podcast Episodes:

The ABLE National Resource Center’s Webinar Archives List and ABLE Podcast Episodes are available to access any time. The content covered will help financially empower you with information you need to open, understand and use an ABLE account.

Explore Other Financial Wellness Materials:

National Disability Institute (NDI) Financial Education Quick Links Financial wellness means having financial security and financial freedom of choice in the present and into the future. Below is a list of National Disability Institute’s top financial education wellness links.

  • Money Smart– free, comprehensive financial education curriculum created by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
  • Money Smart and ABLE Scenario – includes 4 scenarios for financial inclusion.
  • Hands on Banking Quick Reference Guides– resources and tools for financial educators, American Job Centers (AJC), Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and community-based organizations to support persons with disabilities.
  • Money Circle Toolkit– toolkit from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that helps start conversations about the feelings and personal relationships that influence money decisions